Fleet Talk- Carolina's Wide Area Two-Way Network


Join Rock Communications to experience the next generation of two way communication.   Our wide area network currently spans 6 states throughout North and South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.  This multisite digital trunking system consist of currently 108 sites which provides excellent portable and mobile coverage enabling you to talk to all of your trucks/employees at one time with crystal clear sound while being a state away.    You will have access to one of the largest privately owned networks in the United States. Visit our new site at FleetTalk.net

C NC fler map.jpg
  1. Kenwood Mobile and portable digital Nexedge UHF radios. With an unshakable background in equipment reliability, and an engineer approved best in the business Audio Quality and Receiver Sensitivity (They sound better and talk further).

  2. Kenwood Nexedge radio's are 2020 narrowband compliant at 6.25kHz, VS Motorola is 12.5kHz. This means when the government decides to narrowband again, with Kenwood radio's you will still be in compliance.

  3. Portables and Mobiles are both capable of GPS.

  4. Low upfront equipment cost, long lasting equipment. 5-10 years

  5. No infrastructure cost/repair.

  6. Compliant with all DOT rules and regulations.

  7. All call and Private call, but no phone calls that compromise safety awareness, or divert attention from the job at hand.