Two-Way Network Design


Rock Communications can design your two way communications network within your budget and meet your specs. From the most simple radio-to-radio to the complex multi-site trunking system we have done it.  We would be happy to help you and your company in your communications design needs.


Licensing and Coordination

All frequencies in commercial use must be licensed by the FCC.  If you have a Licensing need we can help.   We help with coordination and the tedious process of dealing with the FCC.  Rock Communications also is in constant contact with the FCC and our customers, making sure your licenses are kept update so you don't lose them.

Consoles/ Communication Management

Installation and more importantly service after the sale.  We offer state of the art Avtec consoles, and design entire communication operations from furniture to the antenna we offer turn key solutions.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance

We repair radios, consoles, networks, antennas, and repeaters.  Rock Communications is a service provider that you can turn to in an emergency.  We offer monthly and annual maintenance contracts that can provide you with 24/7 emergency response.

Coverage Map

We are always expanding are coverage.  See an area you do business in that’s not covered? Ask us when that area will be available!