Two-Way Radio Service


Two-Way radios have long been a staple of the communications industry. Today instant communications is still in demand through-out public safety, industrial and dispatch oriented services.  New government regulations have added more demands making it unlawful to operate a cell phone in a commercial vehicle.  This and the expense of broken phones and high monthly cell phone bills have led to a rise in the need for commercially proven two way communications.


Digital VS Analog

Digital greatly exceeds analog in coverage area as well as quality of signal.  We offer free demonstrations to enable our clients to assess the difference for themselves.

  • Actual increases in coverage due to digital upgrade alone (digital repeater/radios)

  • Kenwood NXDN Digital System 30% better coverage, audio quality rating 10 out of 10.

  • Hytera Digital System 15% better coverage, audio quality rating 8 out of 10.

  • Motorola MotoTurbo 15% better coverage, audio quality rating 6 out of 10

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Products we Service

  • Kenwood

  • Motorola

  • Hytera

  • Vertex